N4CF ham shack

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The ham shack shares space with my home office. The equipment fits nicely on a homemade 10' walnut desk completed in July 2014.

At the far left is an Alinco DM-330MV power supply with an Alpha Delta 2B antenna switch on top. To its right is a label printer (for general use, not part of the shack).

A WinKeyer rests on the hutch shelf above the power supply and antenna switch. A Heil GM-5 microphone is on a boom clamped to the right-front edge of the desktop.

The Elecraft K3s transceiver is located in the right hutch bay. The old computer speaker on top sounded better than the K3's internal speaker that I damaged during assembly, but I recently replaced the K3's speaker, and removed the external speaker.

On the shelf above is a P3 panadapter. The P3 also displays on a 7" monitor located below the main computer monitor. The 7" monitor has finer resolution than the P3's built-in display, and it can display decoded CW from the K3 transceiver.

A Bencher keyer paddle is conveniently located close to the rig and the computer mouse.

The colorful image on the computer monitor is the eastern portion of the Veil Nebula, one of many deep-space objects photographed in our backyard observatory.

Shack Clock

After struggling for two years with a digital clock that doesn't keep good time, I made an analog clock for the shack.

I found an already-finished piece of 1/2" walnut left over from the homemade 10' desk, and cut it to fit snugly between two hutch shelves. I glued on a 3" clock face created in Adobe Illustrator, drilled a center hole, mounted a quartz clock movement, installed hands, and it was complete.

Updated March 4, 2018