N4CF antenna

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I bought a Carolina Windom that covers 80m - 6m from The Radio Works. This 133' wire antenna resembles a dipole, but is fed off-center through a line isolator, a vertical radiator, and a balun at the top.

Click the small links at left for details of how I planned and erected the antenna.

The Carolina Windom requires an antenna tuner, and the KAT500 automatically selects the correct settings for each frequency. It is a distinct pleasure to change bands and be ready to transmit instantly!

The antenna feed point is about 40' high, and the ends are roughly 10' higher.

The left photo above shows the 22' coax vertical radiator hanging from the balun attached to the antenna wire at the 38%/62% point. The white line isolator hangs at the bottom of the vertical radiator, and the feed line (invisible in this photo) attaches to that.

Even though it appears that the antenna might run through tree branches, it does not – it is clear of all trees.

The right photo shows the antenna wire plotted on a map of the U.S. The antenna is largly omnidirectional due to the vertical radiator, but the main radiation lobes are broadside to the wire, toward 72° (ENE) and 252° (WSW).

Updated April 20, 2018