N4CF antenna testing

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Jan. 1, 2013

Initial receiving tests with the new KX3 transceiver showed a high level of electrical noise – S7 to S9. The noise was absent when I carried the rig outdoors, so clearly it originated inside the house (probably from the solar power system in the basement). I didn't know if the noise would return when I connected the antenna outdoors with the rig inside.

To check, I hung the antenna – still coiled up – about three feet high between two pieces of rebar pounded into the ground, and ran the feedline to a lightning arrestor cable-tied to another piece of rebar, to ground the shield, then through an open window into my home office. At least this was a rough approximation of the final antenna system. This photo shows the quick-and-dirty setup.

The noise is completely gone with this setup, so I'm hopeful the full-length antenna high in the air will likewise be noise-free. Next up: Identify suitable support trees when the weather warms a bit and the ground dries out, and hoist the antenna.

Updated March 4, 2018