N4CF 6M dipole

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Jan. 21, 2017

Even though the Carolina Windom antenna will work on the 6-meter band, it doesn't peform well for me. I wanted to operate 6M in VHF contests, so I built a temporary dipole.

I wanted an antenna I could set up in a few minutes, and remove just as quickly. The 6M dipole consists of PVC pipe with the wires and coax cable inside. I drove a 6' steel fence post into the ground, and attached the dipole to it with plastic cable ties.

Since I'm allowed only one RG-8X feed line from the shack, I bought a remote antenna switch to select either the Carolina Windom or the 6M dipole. The switch is the small black box (barely visible in the photo) attached to the gray conduit sticking out of the ground.

The 6M dipole's PVC pipes are not cemented together, so I can disassemble it quickly. All three sections can be folded together for storage, but reassembled in just a few minutes and reattached to the steel fence post.

Updated March 4, 2018